A Step In The Right Direction

I got some good news today, Cllr James MacKay (labour) replied to my letter regarding the lack of lowered kerbs & therefore pavement accessibility today. He has agreed to meet me at the start of November and come and see for himself the barriers faced by wheelchair users when all they wish to do is cross a road or access some pavement safely.

I’m quite excited by it all, I’m a firm believer that the reason access is so bad is because the vast majority of able-bodied people – including those working in government & planning – simply don’t see the problems. I’m sure that one way of combating this is by awareness raising. Physically showing the people with the power to make changes exactly why it must be done is imperative to keeping disability rights in peoples minds.

Now, if only Mike Whitby & John Alden would reply in such a positive and productive manner too 🙂

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