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Christmas Market Follow Up

I’ve spent a couple of days ringing around the council to try and speak to someone with regards the abuse I’ve been getting when I pass through the local Frankfurt Market in my wheelchair. Clearly the combination of alcohol + no room to manoeuvre a svelte gymnast + hundreds of people combines to turn people into prats. Ranging from those the Internet would call concern trolls “I’m advising this for your own good, don’t come into this part of the city…” to those who clearly think they are being funny whilst showing their own internalised prejudice “Sponger coming through!”.

I’ve been passed onto more numbers which are ‘no longer in use’ than I can count and passed around between departments as no one seems to be sure who deals with this kind of complaint, let alone what the phone number is for them. One thing people keep coming back to is the issue of anti-social behaviour. Eventually, well this morning, I caved and phoned the local police force to ask for advice.

They passed me onto the City Centre team who were really lovely. They listened to what had been happening and told me I was right to talk to them about it. Of course a big part of it’s the councils responsibility but abusing someone trying to get from A-B simply because they are in a wheelchair is also not on. They thanked me for sharing my experiences and said they’d get someone to give me a call back about it.

I’m not expecting anything to change because of this one complaint. I am hoping it gets passed onto the relevant planners though, if only so that next year they perhaps put a little more thought into disability issues.

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