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Homoeopathy For Domestic Violence

Full disclosure: I don’t believe that homoeopathy has any effect that is greater than a placebo administered in an identical fashion. I do not believe that by slapping some a ‘solution’ of water and a couple of grains of a compound (often so dilute there isn’t a molecule of the compound in the water) with a leather board causes it to gain mystic healing properties derived from that addition (whilst forgetting all the well diluted molecules of urine and excrement in our tap water). The 10^23 campaign – Homoeopathy: there’s nothing in it – has more information. I take great exception to companies like Boots selling it as if it’s anything other than sugar pills because people assume that if it didn’t work it wouldn’t be on sale. The subject usually fires me up as does any other form of quackery or snake-oil selling. I don’t like the abuse of statistics or the abuse of the needy/desperate.

Until yesterday I assumed that homoeopathy normally dealt solely with illness and disease, but no. They also claim to have ‘cures’ for domestic violence & abuse.


This drek is offensive to me on so many levels – even ignoring the fact Homoeopathy is nought but pseudoscience.

It suggests that abuse is something that can be avoided. Take a sugar pill, you won’t get abused. Honestly. They argue that abuse happens to people with low self esteem so taking a drug to improve that will stop the abuse happening. On the surface that seems sensible I guess. A confident person surely wouldn’t put up with someone abusing them. Wrong. Some abuse slowly builds up whilst the abuser slowly destroys the victims self confidence so that they don’t complain when things get really abusive. In other cases it really does come out of the blue. A partner may snap. A carer may decide they want to rape. A trusted family member may decide to start stealing from you. No amount of confidence or self-esteem is going to act as a shield. It plays into the pernicious idea that abuse can be avoided and that victims are simply people who didn’t try hard enough. This kind of classic victim-blaming (or Just World fallacy) can add to the tremendous guilt and pain often felt by many who live through abuse.

It suggests that abusive partners/carers/people can be ‘cured’ by talking the right sugar pills. Firstly this only works if the people that are being abused/ being abusive realise that they are. In my experience many don’t. Most abusive people think they have anger issues or are control freaks or have to live with a really annoying person. They don’t wear the label of abuser clear as day. Many victims of abuse don’t realise that it is abuse. We are all told that relationships involve some give and take and there will always be occasional conflict between people who care for each other. These people often just think they are in a normal (if not rather intense) relationship. If an abuser does realise what they are doing and wants to take steps to help themselves one could argue that relying solely on pharmaceutical interventions (especially homoeopathic placebos) will not be magnitudes less effective than engaging in meaningful psychological therapy.

Secondly it draws on the quacks favourite, selling sugar to the desperate and promising miracles.  Many victims of abuse, myself included, believe(d) that by staying with their partner and just finding the ‘right’ way of behaving/thinking they can make it better. They can make the abuse stop. After all they are frequently being told they are the cause of the pain. Telling them that all they need to do is pop some homoeopathic Strychnine (Nux Vomica) into the abusers diet is feeding them false hope. If I wanted really to put Strychnine in my abusers diet I would probably try a bigger dose than 1 molecule in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for maximum effectiveness*.

All in all this is just another example of why the homoeopathy industry should be regulated and exposed to the public.

* disclaimer: I do not condone murder or attempted murder

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