WRB Back In The House Of Commons

Today the Welfare Reform Bill is back in the House of Commons, as I type the 7 amendments passed by the House of Lords are being debated. Sadly only a few MPs could be bothered to debate the issue, the rest will simply turn up and vote, probably in line with the party whips.

I’ve tweeted every Liberal Democrat MP I could find on twitter to ask them to vote with their hearts, not with their whips and I’ve sent emails to other MPs but sadly I can’t manage anymore. Saturdays action coupled with a busy Sunday has taken every last bit of energy I could muster. On Monday I got ill and I’ve not yet gotten better. I’m resigned to my bed, unable to sit up without crying, walk without screaming or eat and drink without vomiting. I am sleep deprived because of the pain and sickness and I’m emotionally drained.

The concessions put forward by IDS do nothing to help protect the disabled, sick & vulnerable. At best they give them a little longer to ‘adjust’ before being catapulted into a life of personal poverty at worst or financial dependency* on another at best.

If you want to see or read more about it then…

The WRB is being live blogged by the Guardian here.
You can watch it get debated here.
There is a list of Lib Dem MPs on twitter here – just click on each name and paste in your message.
Soina Poulton has written a wonderful piece about it for the Daily Mail of all places here.

* lets not forget how much more likely those who are financially dependant on another are to be abused.

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