Contact Lords About The Return Of The WRB

It’s been confirmed, the Welfare Reform Bill (WRB) will be back in the House of Lords this  coming Tuesday. Valentines day. One year after the DLA consultation we fought with the one month before heartbreak campaign ended.

Labour peers are saying they plan to try and fight for the women, the vulnerable, sick and disabled once more. I believe the party is once more going to challenge the bill at every step.

If we want to fight this bill and push once more for amendments that protect people against the damaging effects of this bill we need to act together once more. We need to convince Peers that the fight is not over and that justice and fairness for all can be achieved.

If you want to help and contact a peer (or fifty) you can do so in the following ways;

On Twitter

Type a message such as “When the #WRB returns on Tuesday please act to protect the vulnerable by curbing its cruel excesses” and copy and paste it to easily get your message over. The Lords are human and will respond as any human would to personal messages. Why not link them to any good pieces about the WRB on your blog whilst you are at it? The following lists are taken from LabourLordsUK on twitter

On Facebook

Send a slightly longer message to individual Lords by posting on their Facebook pages. You could direct them to the Resposible Reform Report (aka Spartacus Report). That way everyone can see your questions and messages adding a little bit of extra pressure.

I’m trying to find lists of all Lords of Facebook, but for now the best way of finding them is either to;

By Post

If you chose to write to them simply address your letter to [Name of the Lord], The House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW. Making the letter personal, no matter how short, will really help.

If I come across a good template letter I will paste it here for those with trouble writing.

The Lords ignore bulk mailings if they are not individually addressed then they will not get read and you will have wasted the cost of a stamp.

By Fax

You can fax individual Lords, send it to 020 7219 5979.

Like with letters the Lords ignore bulk faxes, each one must be individually addressed.

By Telephone

You can even telephone the main parliamentary switchboard and ask if you can be connected to a specific Lord by calling 020 7219 3000 or you can leave a message by calling 020 7219 5353.

By Email

If you click on the name of a Lord on this list as well as getting a pretty picture of the person in question and some history, you will also see their email address listed in their contact details. Tell them why the WRB is unfair and damaging and why you would appreciate their help in fighting it. Maybe you could give them a link to the Responsible Reform report too?

Best of luck to you all x

  1. Hi

    I've put clickable links for email addresses LibDems and Crossbenchers here and here

    For some reason, find it much easier to write when I can see their photo!


  2. Wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing x


  3. Fantastic job, thanks ^^ Taking action as recommended now.

    Just want to point out a wee grammatical error in the recommended message; “its” in that context does not have an apostrophe (only requires one when it denotes a missing letter, ie it is contracted to it's). It's just a little thing, don't want to appear hyper-critical, but if lots of us use the same message (cos it's a good one), then it would be handy to have it spot on. Or maybe that's just my Asperger's talking 🙂


  4. Cheers! I'll get that changed. I'm dyslexic and when my S&G checker doesn't get something it just gets missed 🙂


  5. Hi pseudodeviant,

    Well done for putting this page together.

    Do you know of a Labour Peer who tweet list? Google was not my friend when I looked 😦

    I am a fellow disabled person who is getting more active after seeing what this un-elected Government is doing to society. They just get worse and worse.



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