WRB Is Back In The Commons

This morning (about 25mins ago) my local MP, Gisela Stuart tweeted that the Welfare reform Bill will be back in the House of Commons. Now, like most activists I’ve been watching the orders of business for Parliament looking out for a mention of the WRB and I’ve been pretty shocked nothing has been put up.

It looks like they are sneaking it in today under the title ‘Consideration of any Lords Amendment‘. I don’t know about the rest of the anti-WRB movement but this rather dirty trick to keep it off our radars (and therefore stop the frantic campaigning) seems like a win for us. By trying to hide it away they are showing exactly how much power campaigners have and how scared of us they are.

I’m going to do some more digging for clarification, I’ll pop any new developments up here.

Update @ 11.15 – just seen that they have changed the schedule to actually say clearly that they are debating the WRB amendment.

That amendment is of course, the Bedroom Tax. Under the WRB proposals those who have a second ‘unneccesary’ bedroom will face having to pay about £14 a week extra.

Of course the government has not told me where I am supposed to find a one-bed home for under £100 per week that has enough room to store bulky equipment, like in my case, a powerchair, a manual wheelchair, bathing equipment and a second bed for when I am in too much pain to sleep but need to be in bed so my partner can sleep before work the next morning. So far none of the social housing we have seen has the room (and we are ‘lucky’ enough to be so desperate as to have made it onto the housing register).

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this Em. I'm not sure whether this has been deliberately hidden or whether the onus is on us to understand the peculiar workings of Parliament!


  2. My MP Mary Creagh tweeted it as well. Nice that Labour are at least flagging it up, though would be nicer if they'd done more to stop it getting to this point in the first place. Braced for an afternoon of anger over here!


  3. Ditto! Very glad labour are fighting it but still, it all seems a bit too little too late. Hopefully they can give the government a good run for their money today.


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