On ESA? You Maybe Entitled To These Schemes

It’s getting cold, Christmas is on it’s way and it feels like my income isn’t covering very much at all right now, but I have noticed a few money saving schemes available to those on ESA/low incomes over the last week so I thought I’d share them in case they can help someone else.

Royal Mail has rolled out a scheme to allow people in receipt of ESA, Pension Credit or Incapacity Benefit to buy up to 36 stamps at last Christmas’ prices. So 36 1st class stamps will cost about £5 less. It’s not going to revolutionise Christmas but it can make any stamp purchases cheaper. The offer expires on Christmas eve. If you’ve not had a form you can order one at www.royalmail.com/stampoffer 
Warm Home Discount

The warm home discount is a £130 rebate on your electricity bill open to everyone in receipt of Pension Credit. Some energy companies have decided to offer the discount to people who have low incomes and/or are disabled. Commonly they ask for applicants to be in receipt of Income Based ESA, Income Based JSA and Income Support as well.
I know EDF, British Gas, E.on, Scottish Power and NPower  are offering the option to low income and/or customers. If you click on the names it should take you to the pages detailing eligibly criteria & how to claim.

Edited to add: A customer (@GubbinsMctavish on twitter) of Atlantic Energy chased them up and they have confirmed that if customers of Atlantic Energy or any other SSE companies call their general enquiries line they can send out application forms.

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