Twitter & #HeardWhilstDisabled

It’s a Monday and like millions across the world I woke up feeling pretty naff. Anyhow, on top of that fate consipred to get me thinking about some of the hurtful/rude/insensitive people had said to me with regards to my disablity.

As any self respecting person in a rubbish mood on a Monday would, I decided that it was time to vent.

I then went on to post some of the stuff that was on my mind:

Before long a few others joined in and in half an hour it had started to spread. I went out to an appointment and by lunch time tweets were flying from lots of other disabled people who were also using the hashtag to vent and/or spread awareness that this stuff really happens to many of us all the time. I understand that many felt excluded by the use of the word “heard” in the hashtag & I can only apologise. My intent was to vent a few personal annecdotes originally, there was no planning involved, had there been I would have chosen a more inclusive tag like #experiencedwhiledisabled for example. I hope you can understand that the slight was not intentional. I’d like to share a few of the stories people shared now;

There are so very many more too, all warrant reading. I’ve just got in to discover that whilst I was out this happened;

I’m so happy that people had the chance to vent and share their stories with so many others. I’m also still pretty shocked that a Monday morning moan could turn into something so big.

We found our way into a few news stories too! One at the Guardian & one at the Independent

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