Draft PIP Regulations Pass Through The Legislation Committee

Today the draft PIP regulations had a final reading which needed to be voted through by the “Eleventh Delegated Legislation Committee”. They were voted through by a fairly close margin of 10 for, 7 against.

I’ve made a storify of my live tweets for those who are interested, sorry if some are a bit harsh or don’t make too much sense I was having to type fast to keep up with the speed they were speaking at and I’m a) not a fan of PIP and b) dyslexic.
[View the story “PIP Regulations – My Live Tweets” on Storify]

  1. What about people who have no medical evidence? I had tests and then was told you have Fubromyalgia here is a leaflet bye! I have nothing in writing to prove I got a diagnosis so what would I do?


  2. Hi!
    I think the idea is that the doctors who did the tests and diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia should have sent confirmation to your GP (if it wasn't your GP who did the tests). You'd need to contact your GP and ask them to write a supporting letter confirming that;

    a) you have Fibromyalgia (and any other diagnosis's you might have)
    b) the effect that Fibro has on your mobility & and ability to look after yourself (ie: can't walk more than 50m reliably and struggles to prepare food on a daily basis)

    I've used a letter from my GP to cover my ESA & DLA applications to good effect so far. You can also ask any nurses, physiotherapists and doctors you've seen if they will write a supporting letter. Responses tend to vary from person to person, place to place, some doctors won't write them, some will, quite a few charge.

    Hope that helped a little, best of luck x


  3. Thanks Emma, our GP is an awkward sod and refuses to write anything.Hubby has asked in the past, will have to play it by ear and see xxx


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