Third "Diet" Update Post

Post’s 1 & 2 are here & here respectively. TW’s for diet & weight loss.

I’ve been back to the dieticians today to talk about how over the last week I’ve been sleeping an extra 4-6 hours a day and falling asleep mid conversation. When I’m not sleeping then I’m so fatigued all I can think about is going back to bed. I went swimming and could only manage 300m before I was so tired I started loosing my stroke and then promptly popped my shoulder out of it’s socket. I’m also blacking out when I stand/sit up more.

She says I should try adding an extra 200 calories in daily to see if it helps & to come back in a week. Understandably I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and that’s been lauded to me as a reason to keep on enduring all this rubbish. I’m not feeling the “woo! lighter!” thing currently. I’m just feeling sleepy and a bit resentful that I need to try to stay out of my bed for as long as possible during the day time. It’s funny how when you don’t hate the way you look (most of the time) suddenly all the tactics that would normally be used to re-enforce the “aiming for the societal ideal of a body should be your primary goal” idea just don’t work. What’s proving a little harder is trying to stay positive about your appearance people around you are telling you that it needs to change/looks better changed. That’s the message that gets sent every time I hear “Just think how good you’ll look” or “You’re looking better already”. I kind of want to grump at them all and tell them to either tell me straight they think I’m ugly as I am or to just STFU on the subject.

I might feel a bit better when  I might be after I’ve had my extra calories. Say, isn’t a bag of malteasers only 187? One of those a day would make me feel better… *grins*

  1. AP DIETCET 2013 was conducted by state primary Education ministry and DIETCET 2013 results were Jennifer declared on 18 June 2013. DIETCET is District Institutes of Educational and Training/Elementary Teacher Training Institutes Common Entrance Test,


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