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Kidney Cancer; One Year On

This time last year I was 32 and I had not long been told that, while doing a CT of my upper GI tract for stomach reasons, they’d found a mass on my right kidney. I told myself it would just be a cyst but after another CT scan focusing specially on it I was told otherwise. I instantly thought – it couldn’t be cancer could it? I looked up the numbers and they reassured me. Less than 2,400 women in my age range (30-34), in the UK get diagnosed with cancer each year. That’s a tiny number. Then only about 1% have kidney cancer and most of those are hereditary – and luckily for me kidney cancer doesn’t run in my family. As you can imagine I felt pretty okay about it all going forward. My main worry was that they’d be grumpy about wasting their time on nothing.Kidney cancer incidence in the UK 2012-14. Shows a higher incidence for men than women, mostly affecting those over 50.

Kidney cancer incidence in the UK 2012-14. Image from Cancer Research UK.

However, from the moment I got the post scan appointment to see a Urologist things seemed odd. There was only a month to wait between the second scan and the appointment. The Urologist was not based at my normal hospital. When I arrived for the appointment I rolled into the outpatients waiting area and before I could say anything a nurse called out “Hello! You must be Emma. The doctor is just finishing something but come sit down here where it’s more comfortable than this area. I’ll sit with you now and be there through the appointment – would you like a drink?”. That is not my usual experience of hospital outpatients. With hindsight I shouldn’t have been as shocked then, when they told me it wasn’t nothing. But no amount of hinting could have prepared me to hear it was kidney cancer.

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